UltiPro Project Management

After you’ve made the decision to use UltiPro, our team is available for all phases of the implementation to act as a trusted advisor during key decision points—a Project Leader.  We work side by side with you, as part of your team, across the table from the Ultimate Software.  We conduct internal meetings to fully understand your internal business processes and guide you toward best practices within the UltiPro framework.

We understand the full UltiPro spectrum, which maximizes our value to your team.

D+E provide hands-on mentoring for power users, especially the ones that do a lot of report writing. We’ve worked with many of these individuals throughout the years, providing tips and tricks that result in greater efficiency and results.

Here’s a common challenge we’ve helped many users overcome. Your report is doing almost everything you need, but you can’t get that last filter or calculation to work properly. To resolve the issue quickly and fully it’s important to have someone you can talk with and find the solution. We’re here to do exactly that.

UltiPro Project Management
UltiPro Management Benefits

Benefits of UltiPro Project Management

  • Business Rules and Internal Processes
  • Configuration Best Practices
  • Customers with Similar Needs and Challenges
  • Internal and External System Integration
  • Product Capabilities
  • Security Roles & Qualifiers
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