D+E Managed Services

D+E Managed Services minimize your administrative tasks, ensure standards and streamline both payroll and non-payroll operations.

D+E Managed Services payroll specialists help you reduce the time it takes to complete your administrative tasks in all areas of payroll. Our tailored services function is a direct extension of your team to create an ease and fluidity for your non-core payroll needs. With D+E, your payroll is handled in a structured and compliant way, reducing risk and issues that occur with regular employee pay and fulfillment of compliance standards.

Our Managed Services team is the simple and smart way to outsource your payroll needs.

Our available custom-tailored services include:

  • Management of on and off-cycle payroll
  • Planning for regular processes & reporting
  • Recommendation and implementation of best practices for plan design
  • Oversight for ongoing and annual enrollment for company benefits
  • Management and coordination with third-party vendors
  • Assessment of eligibility issues
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