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D+E Consulting is here for you with UltiPro implementations that protect your investment, minimize risk, and improve your business practices at the same time. We take our role as your trusted implementation partner very seriously, so we not only implement UltiPro, we guide you through the process step-by-step.

While your current UltiPro implementation may be your first, you can rest easy. D+E has been doing it for years and we’ve successfully completed the process many, many times. We’ve achieved this success by asking the hard questions—the questions you may not even know need to be asked. We solve problems and identify best practices. We let you know what other clients are doing in similar circumstances.

UltiPro will be seen across your organization, from the top down. We know the challenges and potential pitfalls that others have experienced, so we’ll help you avoid those missteps by building the right foundation beginning with the initial meeting and all the way through your first live payroll.

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